Bearfaced Groceries – The Must-have Convenience!

Bearfaced Groceries – The Must-have Convenience!

Joanne Mercer‎ ‘’Well that was easy! Thanks for prompt delivery of Bearfaced Groceries all beautiful & fresh.’’

Rachael Todd ‘’Absolutely perfect! Exactly what I've been looking for. Worked out cheaper than my local supermarket & the quality is better.  It also means I don't have to take the toddler & baby to the shop!!! A huge variety of meat, fruit & veg, much more variety than any local butchers or grocers. Will definitely be a regular customer now!’’

Linda Lee Unternahrer  ‘’I just cannot say how impressed I was with the Seasonal Box. Incredible! Market-quality meat and produce delivered right to my door. Thank you!’’

Thank you Linda, Rachael and Joanne for your kind words! We really appreciate it when our customers spend a few moments of their time to leave feedback. Whether it be a review or an Instagram post, especially when we can see how happy you are with your delivery. We also find this information very informative, after looking through all our reviews we have found that you very busy mums are our biggest fans!!

Your comments say it all… “I don't have to take the toddler & baby to the shop!”  Being a busy career woman, devoted wife and mother probably leaves you with not very much free time. Let’s consider all the daily tasks you must juggle within a day; from school runs, work, food shopping, preparing nutritious family dinners and lunches, cleaning, spending quality time with your little ones. Then, if you do get the chance for some time to yourself, you are still trying to fit a 30-hour day into 24 hours!

You’re not alone! We have found that a growing number of working and stay-at-home mums are using the power of internet to maximize their time and shopping with us. We’re a must-have convenience!

The benefits of ordering from Bearfaced Groceries

-Hassle free shopping

-Delivered straight to your door

-Quality, honest and locally sourced food

-Value prices!

When you order through Bearfaced Groceries, you can save your precious family time, and let us do the leg work. We locally source your produce from our award winning butchers, fish mongers and green grocers. We then carefully pack it all up into our sturdy temperature controlled boxes and dispatch the box to you, all in one day!

Our value seasonal boxes are understandably our best sellers; you can currently feed your family the finest British produce from just £69.99!! This is an incredible offer, £125 worth of groceries for £69.99 “Worked out cheaper than my local supermarket & the quality is better” and we provide delicious easy recipes from immune boosting juices to hearty slow cooked roasts. Perfect if you need some culinary inspiration.

Thank you once again for joining us on this incredible family and business journey. We LOVE hearing from you! 

Bear Hugs x

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