Our Prize Producer of the Week

Our Prize Producer of the Week

The Ascroft's know a thing or two about growing. They have been farming the land of Lancashire since 1900 passing their secrets of growing delicious produce down from generation to generation.

The Ascroft Family have chosen to stick with the traditional way of farming. They rotate a variety of crops so the goodness stays in the soil and pests and crop diseases are left to a minimum.

*What Do You Grow? 

A: We grow cauliflowers, cabbages beetroots and romesco

*How many People are involved? 

A: We are a family business and we all work here but we are always in need of extra hands so we employ a handful of amazing staff all year round. About 15 of us altogether.

*Why should we buy British?

A: Not only do we have higher safety standards but you should always support the British economy, British farmers work hard to enhance the British countryside.

''A full moon calls them in''

The Ascroft family keep a close eye on lunar cycles whenever their crops are in the final stages of ripening.

Years of experience show “they just meant to grow like crazy” when the weather’s warm, and there’s a full moon!

*How do you pick so many cauliflowers?

A: It is back breaking work; we hand  pick every cauliflower we grow. With the help of the 'Cauli Rig' we can pack the cauli's in the field as soon as they have been picked.

What is unique about your farm? 

A: We are family run and have been growing produce for over 100+ years, passing valuable experience down the family tree.


''The first in-season cauliflower we get to eat is always the tastiest''

* Is it hard growing in British weather?

A: Cauliflowers are very unpredictable and the British weather doesn't help. There is a small time slot after sowing, if anything drastic happens with the weather within this small amount of time it will affect the crop altogether. We won't know the effect until they're ready to be picked. Sometimes this means we lose whole crops.

HUGE THANKYOU to the Ascroft family for having us and for providing us with delicious British produce!

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