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Bearfaced was launched with a simple idea that has been lost in the grocery industry today; to provide real food made by real people. Most companies chase money and margin, leaving food quality as an after thought. Forgetting what you the consumer want most, which is good quality, honest food.

As a nation we have never been as unhealthy, with soaring rates of obesity and diet-related diseases and we are now faced with a generation that is not predicted to outlive their parents. The way we are shopping and eating is not working for us or our kids, as parents this upsets us and rather than standing and shouting about it, we wanted to actually make a difference. Tell your friends, tell your family, the food revolution has started and Bearfaced have arrived!


We want to show that there is a community of people that wants you and your family to be healthy. We want to nurture your nutrition and give you a place to shop that is not only convenient and good value but also offers recipes and ideas to how we can all eat better.


We have burrowed, swam and fought to develop a fantastic range of products so that you and your family can eat well and be healthy. We also have intelligent filters so that you can shop to suit any lifestyle, may that be paleo, vegan, vegetarian or gluten free.


We don’t believe in all the rubbish that the news feeds us today (which ironically enough is controlled and funded by the large junk food industries). We want our food to be real. No hidden artificial ingredients or preservatives. Just REAL FOOD. That is why we do not stock your ‘big named’ brands. That’s right, the ones you see on TV with everyone running around looking healthy and selling you a wonderful story. All while they try to make the food as addictive as possible, filling it with sugar, corn syrup, partially hydrogenated fats and a whole range of chemicals that make the food last as long as possible.

It is also worthy to note that these foods are relatively new, and we do not yet know the side effects of them. So lets stick to real food that isn’t an invention, but a natural product that’s been around for centuries!

We want to know where our food comes from and actually get to know our suppliers and what their brands and products are about. We have individually picked the best for you. These lovely stockists believe in the Bearfaced way and we believe in them, we work together and make sure that everyone gets a fair deal. Lets fuel our nation from the inside, out. Good health and a positive mind starts from what we put into our bodies.

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