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What gave you the idea for Bearfaced?

Starting a new family we wanted to eat great quality food where we know what is in it and where it comes from as we believe nutrition is the foundation of a healthy life. Being busy meant we had little time to shop at our local butchers, greengrocers and fishmongers. We tried all the online supermarket but the quality was poor, lots of short dated items and we didn’t want to plan our lives around delivery slots. If we were having these issues then we were sure plenty of other people did. We talked to our friends and family and quite a few of them agreed so a group of us got together and set out to do online grocery better. Fresher, better quality and wholesome, nothing artificial, nothing added just the best we could find from awesome local and independent producers straight to your door. From our family to yours, real food by real people


Why choose Bearfaced over other online grocery brands?

We really focus on 2 things at Bearfaced and aim to be the best at both of them Freshness and Quality. We do not hold any stock of fresh products. Every single day we go to the produce markets and out to our suppliers to get you the freshest fish, meat, fruit and vegetables. We don’t hold stock waiting for you to order, we get it and pack it the day before it is sent to you. Everything is done to order, whether it be your fish bought at the market, your steak butchered or your carrots sent into us. We don’t have to worry about keeping our shelves full like supermarkets only in getting you the freshest produce

Quality comes from our suppliers and it took us a long time to get them right. We picked people that believed it what we were doing and wanted to get their great products to you the customer


How do you source your products?

When we source a product our absolute priority is quality, this naturally leads us on to great independent producers that can deliver us incredibly fresh produce and who care greatly about where it comes from. This range of producers supply us a wonderful range of larder products and we always insist that they are natural and there is nothing artificial hidden in them.

The fruit and veg we will always get from British farmers when it is in season, if it is not we always make sure that we get it from as close as we can. The meat is always British and fully traceable back to the farmer and we ensure that all welfare standards are met. The fish comes in fresh daily from the market at Fleetwood where the wild domestic fish is landed. The dairy is all British from Lancashire and Cheshire. The fruit and veg we will always get from British farmers when it is in season, if it is not we always make sure that we get it from as close as we can. The emphasis on all our produce is quality from independent producers. We are huge supporters of British farmers and always emphasise our belief in the benefits of the freshest food available.


Why do you say your meat is better than supermarkets?

Our meat is always British and it is traceable back to the farm. We don’t adulterate our meat, it is never tampered with or injected to fill it out, it is always fresh and never frozen. The animals we use are grown slowly and naturally, which makes sure that the meat you get is the best it can be. The beef and lamb are grass fed, naturally as they should be. All our meat is butchered by an incredible family butchers called H. Greaves & Son who won the 2015 meat supplier of the year. It is the same meat that will appear on the menu of Michelin starred restaurants and some of the finest hotels in the country. The bacon is cured and the sausages all made by hand at the butchers, you really can taste the difference. With our meat there is not a factory in sight and it is exactly the way it should be


Is your produce really fresher than supermarkets, how?

We operate a completely different model to supermarkets in that we get our produce in specifically for your orders, we don’t hold stocks of fresh items ourselves. This means that the produce is with you within 48 hours of it being available, whether from when it is caught and landed at the docks, freshly butchered or produce arriving at the market to be sold. This way we don’t have to be concerned about food waste and having to worry about how long items have been on the shelves. There is nobody selecting old items in a supermarket near their best before dates and sending them in vans to online customers. All our customers get really fresh, great produce every time they shop with us.


When do you deliver?

We deliver from Wednesday to Saturday you can see all our delivery information HERE


How do you support local companies?

All the items on our site are purchased through independent British companies. We do not work with any large multinationals as we believe this goes against our ethos of real food by real people. We ensure that the money we spent is with British farmers and producers who we believe offer some of the best quality products in the world. It is true that we could source cheaper products from overseas or from big multinationals, however this money would not be put to work in our local economies, we would lose the personal relationships with the suppliers we have and the traceability and trust that we have in our products


Is your produce organic?

We do have a great range of organic products in our larder range. Our fruit and veg isn’t organic but it is fully traceable back to the producers. Our meat is all higher welfare


Do you provide recipes to go with your boxes?

No we don’t however you can find a range of great recipes on our site HERE. There are also lots of amazing bloggers and chefs with recipes and guides online so have a look on the internet too!


Why don’t you sell big brands?

There are many reasons why we do this, the 5 main reasons are covered in one of our blogs HERE


How do you make sure my order arrives safely?

It starts with quality control by our suppliers and then ourselves to make sure everything that goes into the box is in the best condition it can be. They then go in double walled boxes, that are extra strong. All the meat and dairy goes in a special, temperature controlled part of our box that keeps it fresh for up to 48 hours. The rest of the produce then gets carefully packed and surrounded by our bio-degradeable packaging material that further protects it from any bumps on the way. Our boxes are then given to our couriers the evening before they are due to delivery who are under special instructions to treat them with extra special care. You will receive a confirmation and tracking number for your order on the day before delivery and on morning of delivery a one hour time slot for ETA. Don’t worry though as long as you have told us a safe place you don’t have to be in to take it and it will stay nice and fresh for when you do arrive. You can see a video of one of our boxes being packed HERE


Do I have to subscribe?

No you don’t, you can get your groceries when you want them and don’t have to worry about subscriptions


Can I repeat my order?

You certainly can. In your account you can look at your last order and simply press the reorder button, it will then add all those items back into your cart making it really easy


Can I make changes to my order?

You can make changes to your order up to 48 hours before your order is to be delivered. Please email us the changes at


Can I cancel my order?

You can cancel up to 48 hours before your order is to be delivered. If you need to cancel an order please email


What if I have a problem with my order?

If you have an issue with your order please email and we will get back to you within 24 hours

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